Back in the 1990s, we were one of the first foreign enterprises to enter into Vietnam. Today, the Group is one of the largest agri-food players in Vietnam. Its business spans the entire agri-food value chain, from the manufacture and sale of animal feed products, breeding, farming and sale of livestock and aquatic animals, to the manufacture and sale of value-added, processed food products.

As a pioneer in the commercial animal feed market, the Group operates a number of feed mills across the country, offering complete feed and concentrate feed products. Today, we are the market leader in the animal feed industry. We produce a complete range of livestock and aquaculture feed products. Leveraging on CP Group's proprietary nutrition know-how, we provide some of the most efficient animal feed products to farmers in Vietnam. An extensive distribution network consisting of direct sales and thousands of exclusive dealers ensures our quality products are available across Vietnam.

The Group farms swine, poultry, shrimp and fish. We are the largest commercial livestock farming company in Vietnam, operating several thousand farms across Vietnam. Our breeding and genetics know-how are the cornerstones of our farming business. Along with our expertise in farm setup and farm management, we strive to achieve world-class performance and efficiency in our farming operations.

As an integrated agri-food player, the Group operates a number of food processing plants across Vietnam. The major products we offer include sausages, chicken meat, shrimp products, and fish products. Processed livestock products are primarily for the domestic market, whereas our processed aqua products are primarily for export.